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The Human Side of India’s Robot Economy

Ananya Bhattacharya

26 December, 2017

Abstract This paper explores the changing tides within India’s labour force with the rise of automation, owing to the dawn of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things. The essay evaluates the impact on the labour force as well as laws and policies put in place to protect the labour issues […]

   Introduction In this era of globalisation, technology is playing a key role in the delivery of legal services, the nature of competition, and the demands and expectations of clients. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been driving some of the biggest changes by providing new ways for law firms to conduct their business, for lawyers to […]

Abstract This paper examines how high-value users (HVUs), who are often the first to test out new content, such as a new video, on a recommender system platform provide valuable data for these algorithms and ensure that all subsequent users have a great experience. The paper also explores how the current legal setup, including “terms […]

No longer the subject of science fiction, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is profoundly transforming our daily lives. While computers have been mimicking human intelligence already for some decades using logic and if-then kind of rules, massive increases in computational power are now facilitating the creation of ‘deep learning’ machines i.e. algorithms that permit software to train […]

This briefing document articulates a grand strategy for India to pursue the development of cyber and cyber-physical weapons, with a view to manage conflicts and the future balance of power in Asia. Definitions A cyber weapon is any code-based instrument that relies exclusively on digital networks, capable either of damaging their integrity or penetrating them […]

Abstract Technological advancement in artificial intelligence has created a situation where the deployment of Lethal Autonomous Weapons has become practically, if not legally, possible within a few years. As the international community struggles to arrive at a definition of ‘autonomous weapons’, the need to regulate their use has become paramount. Apart from the legal and […]

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